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Ignore the bit of stomach but my kitty lucifer has completely taken over my lap. My lap is not my own property anymore, I am now a cat bed!



                      I’m fine. I don’t need rest. You on the other hand, need to sit still so I can fix you up, huh?

Gaze drifts to the unattended wound, and a grimace finds its way to Sam’s lips. Tilting his head a fraction, he ponders to himself whether or not she’ll need stitches, and if so— how many? Lifting an arm, he goes to let his fingers graze the flesh around the area, inspecting it silently before deciding he’s going to need to put a bell on that girl so he knows where she is at all times and doesn’t get herself into any more trouble.

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        ”What because of this?” She motioned to the gash, trying desperately not to flinch, “It’s just a-a scratch. Just need a bandage and I’ll be all good!” It was a lie, it really hurt. It was so stupid, really. Anna had carelessly ran into the room with the iron bar raised over her head. The ghost materialized behind her and threw her across the room.

The landing was rough and Anna was almost positive something went through her— at least, that’s how it felt. Her body was already going into shock and sweat dripped off her forehead. “So… uh, h-how’s it look, 'doctor'?” 


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this is what happened right

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oh my gosh, you guys are all awesome, thank you so much! I’m really grateful you guys like the muse, especially because a seed was planted in my brain and I’ve been tearing myself a new one when it comes to rping sodfkgndkjn it’s nice to be reassured that there are five people who do like the muse compared to one and it helps ease my mind.

Thank you <3 

I hope to have my muse grow so you guys can enjoy her even more :3



"What a lovely shade of green you are wearing!  I have a certain fondness for the color— you look most beautiful wearing it."

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   ”Oh, thank you—! Gr-green is a great color, it’s one of my favorites. If you ever get the chance, you should totally visit Arendelle. During the summer, it’s green as far as the eye can see!”


" I had a nightmare…can I sleep with you mommy?"

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  “Of course you can. But first, why don’t we get a midnight snack? What do you say?”

out of character;

Flynn looks like he’s about to make out with his satchel. I vote for a new trend where disney princes have a side love for objects <3 (before you ask, kristoff loves his sled and hans loves polishing his shoes to see his reflection trololol)


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