The King and Queen of Arendelle
↳ Alternate Universe where Hans succeeds




        a sharp gasp of recognition
        as wide eyes glance around
        the room.

                              “anna! what did you do?”

── ╰╭✿ ;;

     ”I most certainly did
      not set the certain
      on fire, if that’s what
      you’re asking!”

Anna crossed her arms,
trying to look innocent
while keeping her gaze
far from her sister. 

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                { ♚ }; “You were the one who approached me first, Anna.”

           Apparently punching someone in face gives you incredible confidence. Ah, but this was Anna, hardly anything could phase her. She was too infantile to fully grasp consequences of her or his actions. 

                He could easily use that for his own profit— alas,
                he  was  not  interested  in  her  f o r g i v e n e s s

      “No, I’m not. The sea is uneasy and the voyage home would be too much of a risk. I’m afraid I’m stuck here for the time being.”

── ╰╭✿ ;;

      Anna wasn’t even sure what she was interested in or why she approached him.  A voice in the back of her mind commented that it was nice to hear his voice, even if there was a bit of a sarcastic bitterness to his tone. “Well that’s unfortunate.” She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. Now would be a great time to just… leave, she told herself. Though her feet stayed firmly in place.

"If you can’t go home, what are your plans?"







antonioperez1987: Hello, Anna..

── ╰╭✿ ;;

     ”Oh, hello!”

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beautifuller elsa replied to your post: When bad things happen in frozen fando…

YOU..YOU MONSTER. I love it.

AWWWH YEEEAH! If it means the idea is liked, I WILL HAPPILY BE A MONSTER X3

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half saiyan son replied to your post: When bad things happen in frozen fando…

Or Elsa reanimates Anna’s partially rotted corpse and she can’t control it and Anna gets hella ticked because older sisters should protect their younger siblings and not shoot them in the chest with magic ice

I mean, if you like that idea why not? But I personally don’t. While I could see Elsa trying to bring her sister back, it would be when they were younger.

I like the idea of Elsa crippled with guilt. It would make for the plot and game itself to be more interesting and have much more emotional depth. It would be entirely up to the player too; is this all a hallucination in elsa’s mind or did her sister actually start haunting her?

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When bad things happen in frozen fandom, I just go ‘eeyyyyy’ and think of the things I like.

You know what I reeeeeally want?!

A Frozen-based horror game! It would bE SO WICKED IF YOU PLAYED AS ELSA and and AND she accidently killed anna. (when they were children)

The scene in the grand hall is a hallucination, it was just hans trying to communicate with her and Elsa flipped out and ran to her castle— but in the castle, she gets taunted by her little sister’s ghost who walks around the corner going, “Elsa, don’t you wanna play~?”

Objective of the game: overcome Elsa’s past or let it swallow her whole. If you do the latter, she turns into evil!Elsa who returns to Arendelle to take over. Thus is born the original Snow Queen. Helping her overcome everything leads her to a happier life, though she rules Arendelle from up in the mountains and makes weekly visits to the town. 


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daringxdarlingg replied to your post: So when I heard there might have been …

[i really didn’t want them to do frozen in the first place bc I honestly think (compared to the other stories that they’ve done) it was too soon. I mean frozen had just came out when ouat announced it.]

I completely agree with that. They could have done plenty of other disney movies :\ It makes me sad because there was no plotting… it was just like ‘HEY LET’S TOSS THIS IN!’

Maybe Supernatural spoiled me and 1-5 was a consistent story and had a direction, it was all leading to the end of the world and the boys had to accomplish certain things to get to that point, it couldn’t happen right away.

This is just like… YOOOOOO BANDWAGON AND MONEY! I think the show is losing money? Their outfits wERE SO BEAUTIFUL IN SEASON 1 but now I’m like ‘what da fuq? Am I watching the same show?” 

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So when I heard there might have been an Elsa twin who is dark and evil in Once Upon a Time, I was like ‘YEAH okay, maybe this won’t be too bad! I like the AUs where evil elsa splits from her normal body and torments her weak self.’

And then they go and announce Hans and state Olaf will not be in the show. Olaf is a really important part, tbqh. He symbolizes the fact that the sisters are together again. How will they explain his absence? Will they? It’s unsettling to think that something so small but important was chopped from the storyline.

I’m unsettled with Hans being in the show because it just means more things for a certain side of the fandom to bitch and whine about, especially if Anna and Hans are in the same room and god forbid we fans get happy about that.

I love Frozen and I do want to enjoy the segment in OUAT but…. everything they’ve been doing so far just hasn’t been making me happy. I’ve seen cosplayers with better Elsa outfits T__T I’m just… concerned it’s going to butcher something I love while making people hate Frozen even more. So bullet point times: what they’ll have in the frozen arc will beee:  

Are there not going to be other arcs? OUAT likes to do 46987985 things at once and it never pans out well. This seems like they’re biting way more than they can chew. That’s a lot of characters and plot to do with the current cast they already have…

Seriously doods writing this show, are you all not thinking rationally or just seeing the big money signs?

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